Eight Grooming Styles For Corgis

Eight Grooming Styles For Corgis

"If you love Corgis and want to keep them looking their best, grooming is essential to their care. You can groom your Corgi at home using basic materials at hand."

If you love Corgis and want to keep them looking their best, grooming is essential to their care. You can groom your Corgi at home using basic materials at hand.
If you want to go to a professional groomer, this is ideal for twice-a-year visits or when your Corgi becomes matted.

Let's look at the different styles you can choose while throwing some light on shedding tips for Corgis.

The Fluffy Tail Corgi Hair Cut 

This cut leaves your Corgi's fluffy tail long while trimming their legs and body fur short This hairstyle requires care and grooming, so learn how to do it properly.

Short And Functional Corgi Hair Cut


A complete shave might help your Corgi stay cool in the summer. This low-maintenance hairstyle keeps dog fur out of the house. With a short trim, your Corgi will stay cool and won't require a groomer soon.

Spiral Corgi Hair Cut

The spiral trim is a genuine one-of-a-kind and eye-catching haircut that will transform the appearance of your Corgi into that of a fluffy corkscrew. Although opinions on this topic are split among owners of Corgis and other breeds of dogs, we believe it's fantastic.

 You will need to find a professional groomer who is prepared to push the envelope to pull off this haircut since it will require a high level of talent to achieve the desired look. 

Corgi Lion Cut

You can make Corgis look fierce, even though they're not. This unusual Lion cut is a popular and head-turning style for many dog breeds. Your Corgi's body is shaved short, except for their neck and head, giving them a lion's mane.

Classic Corgi Hair Cut

If you want your Corgi to look natural, use the classic cut. The coat is cut to a medium length, slightly shorter than a raw cut, and stray tufts around the legs and around the ears are removed for a clean, classic look.

Heart-Shaped Tail Corgi Hair Cut

Much love and attention go into caring for a Corgi, and some owners express this through how their dog's coat looks. Because of this one-of-a-kind trim, the tail of your Corgi will be in the shape of a heart. 

The cut is not easy to achieve so you may need the assistance of a professional groomer; nonetheless, the result will be well worth the effort.

All Ears Corgi Hair Cut

Corgi ears are one of its cutest qualities. Therefore, highlight them. This cut is short around the body to keep your Corgi cool and easy to clean, but the ears are left long to stand tall. This helps their cute ears to complement their faces.


Poodle Cut

The poodle cut is a shorter haircut that's usually done with clippers or scissors for a neater look. It involves cutting down any excess fur on the body and legs so your dog looks like this style's name sake — small, fluffy and adorable

Grooming Your Corgi?

Whether you're looking for a professional groomer or just some helpful tips for your dog's grooming at home, plenty of resources are available for you. And if you're curious about different groomer styles, then we've also got that covered.

Hopefully, this post gives you a better idea of what to look for in the type of grooming that works best for your Corgi.


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