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Featured collection

About the products

- Made of Resin 

- 100% hand made 

- Multiple layers of coloring to achieve best outcome

- Offer customized coloring base on customers' request with different wait time and price offers. Pls e-mail us directly for custom orders. 

Our Product Value - The Work Done Behind Every Piece

Clay Sculpturing: Manual clay molding.

Carving: Seiko and realistic carving by professional master sculptor. Each mold takes average 10 days of hard work by master sculptor. All our sculptors are either hardcore pet lovers or had spent months studying every appearance detail and movement of different breed before taking on the carving task.

Silicone Mold Creation: The silicone mold perfectly captures all the detailed and fine lines of the carved clay sculpture to achieve high level of product quality and fineness.

Mold Filling: Each silicone mold could only be used to create 50 products to preserve the level of fineness.

Polishing: Each piece undergoes five more delicate polishing steps and coated with white base paint.

Coloring: In order to make the piece as realistic as possible with naturally transitioning color output, each piece will undergo at least 6 layers of painting hand painted by artists. The piece is then finished with a layer of color protective film paint.

Size Options

Our products are made based on a few different size scales. 

- 1 to 1 : Real size

- 1 to 4 : 4 times smaller than the real size

- 1 to 6 : 6 times smaller than the real size

- Others (If not mentioned in title, pls check the dimension carefully) 

The size scale is based on the original size of the dog breed. For example, a 1:4 French Bull dog will be smaller than 1:4 Husky because French Bull dog is smaller than Husky in the real life. If you are unsure about the size, pls read the dimension information carefully. 

We do have a few tiny size figurines in the collection. 

Partnership Legal Claim

Petorama is the SOLE EXCLUSIVE distributor for MOS Toys (which was previously named Mr Z, M7, Cooper and XMMOS brands) in the Northern American and Central American region. Any seller selling items under the all brands mentioned in region is not authorized by the brand and we are not responsible for the quality of products sold by unauthorized sellers.