Corgi Rescue and Adoption Information

Corgi Rescue and Adoption Information

Playful, friendly, and fun, Corgi’s are so beloved, the late Queen Elizabeth was known for being obsessed with them!  (And owned many!)

Could you really blame royalty for being drawn to Corgi’s? Not only are they cute, but these small house dogs known for their enthusiasm and agreeable nature. Basically, they’re great companions for kids and adults alike.


The expression “Adopt, Don’t Shop” is associated with the importance of giving shelter dogs good homes instead of buying them from a pet shop or a breeder.
If you’re looking to add a furry friend to the family, here are some practical reasons why you should consider adoption:

You’re saving a life. According to the Humane Society, more than one million pets are euthanized in the United States because shelters are overrun with animals. You can help reduce this number by adopting a dog or cat (maybe your local shelter has a Corgi ready for adoption!), which opens up space for another animal at the shelter who could potentially be adopted.

You may get a trained pooch. If you choose to adopt a dog, there’s a good chance that dog is already trained or used to living in a home. While it’s sadly true, oftentimes neglected pets are taken to shelters, there are also pets there whose loving owners sadly passed away or couldn’t care for them anymore—but they’re already housebroken and trained.

It’s cheaper. Pet adoption is free or has a small fee for larger dogs. If you purchase a pet from a breeder, it can be pretty costly, especially for in-demand, niche mixes! It varies by state, but in New York, for example, many reputable rescue agencies charge less than $200 to adopt, which covers pet vaccination, heartworm test, and for a collar with a personalized tag. (Depending on the shelter.)

That fuzzy feeling. Knowing that you adopted a pet from a shelter or rescue agency gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling—bottom line. You’re saving the life of a high-risk pup that may have been sitting in a shelter for months--or even years. It’s just so rewarding.


If you’re hoping to adopt a Corgi in particular, here are some US-based Corgi rescues:

East Coast Corgi Rescue (ECCR): Always seeking foster parents, according to their site, ECCR “locates, rescues and transports corgis and corgi mixes in need to foster homes for eventual adoption to their forever home.” Covers the following states/regions: NJ, DE, DC, PA, VA, MD

Sunshine Corgi Rescue: Based in Florida, this non-profit organization has a staff of volunteers is a group of longtime corgi lovers “who open their hearts and homes to corgis.” The corgi’s in their care receive medical care and are housed and cared for in foster homes until they help pets find their forever family. According to their site:We carefully review applications and place the dogs in approved, responsible, permanent homes.”

Southeast Corgi Rescue: This all-volunteer nonprofit finds homes for rescued corgis and corgi mixes “where they can live, love, be loved, and thrive in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.” You can fill out an adoption application online if you’re interested in bringing a rescue corgi into your home.

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