The Best Toys for Corgi's

The Best Toys for Corgi's

"Here are some popular small doggie toys on the market which are recommended by pet experts for Corgi's and other small to medium dogs. "

Playful, sweet, and smart, Corgi's are a breed-of-choice for those who want a kid-friendly companion that's faithful, flurry, and easy-to-train. The breed is so beloved (There are Pembroke Welsh Corgi's and their "cousin," Cardigan Welsh Corgi's) that the late Queen Elizabeth II owned about 30 of them from the time of her accession in 1952 until her death in 2022. In fact, she was rarely photographed without her Corgi's! (Some of them were named Willow, Holly, Sandy, and Mick -- to name just a few.) 


If you have a special Corgi in your life and want to spoil them rotten because they deserve it, buy them some small toys they'll love. Here are some popular small doggie toys on the market which are recommended by pet experts for Corgi's and other small to medium dogs. 

Everlasting treat ball. "This is great because the toy is super durable and has the bonus of a long lasting treat," says Dr. Tori Given Jones, a Kansas-based veterinarian and social media pet expert. This mini toy from Starmark is an Amazon Choice product made of tear-resistant material that holds up well against the the toughest chewers. The ball's unique design allows it to roll erratically, which dogs get a kick out of, and it comes with an edible chicken insertable snack.

Classic Kong. It comes in a few sizes, but opt for the smallest ones for your Corgi. This one has a fun bounce and is specially designed for soothing pup's gums and teeth. According to Dr. Given Jones, the classic Kong toy is a YES "because you can add in fun treats like peanut butter. l I like to freeze these so that it lasts even longer."

Brick Puzzle Game. Dogs needs mental stimulation just like their human owners, which is why puzzle toys are fun for those pups who bore easily and need to get their noggin' active. This one has two difficulty levels and allows you to hide your Corgi's treats and watch them (adorably) use their paws and nose to find the tasty prize. According to, you can change the game's difficulty by using the white plastic blocks placed over the treats or just sliding the brown discs.


Squeaky Santa. These festive plushies are great for your Corgi to rest their head on as a pillow, or use in a game of fetch, tug-of-war, or hide-and-seek with their master. Each plush toy has a squeaker inside, which dogs love to hear, and the plushies are made of super soft fabric. 

"It's important to choose the correct size of toy for your pet -- there could be serious consequences if you choose a toy that is too small," warns Dr. Given Jones. "If your pet can fit the entire toy in their mouth then it could become a choking hazard and should be taken away from your pet."

Adds Dr. Given Jones: "I do not recommend buying rope toys with fringe strings because it's possible that your pet can eat these and cause an intestinal obstruction."

She also never recommends animal bones for pets "because these can cause an intestinal obstruction, broken tooth or pancreatitis."


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