How to Show Your Dog Valentine's Day Love

How to Show Your Dog Valentine's Day Love

"Here are some really special and unique ways you can honor your pooch on February 14th. And if they're the REAL love of your life...who are we to argue?"
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Valentine's Day is all about spending time with your loves ones...and yes, some may argue the holiday is silly and just an excuse for paper companies to sell gawdy pink cards.

Regardless of how you feel about the humans in your life, or in general, we can at least acknowledge our dogs are our besties and they deserve to be pampered and loved on the holiday of chocolates and flowers, too!

Here are some really special and unique ways you can honor your pooch on February 14th. And if they're the REAL love of your life...who are we to argue?


Dress your pup up like Cupid. Make everyone on your social media smile and laugh with an adorable photo of your pup dressed up as the unofficial mascot of Valentine's Day: Cupid! (According to Greek mythology, Cupid is the child of the goddess of love, Venus, and represents love or helping others fall in love.) Here's one cute Cupid Angel pet costume we found online. Or, just dress your pup up in a Valentine's-themed cotton bandana which one user on Amazon described as "super cute!"

Get your pup sweet treats. This is your warning that chocolate is generally NOT SAFE for dogs to eat, so please avoid giving your pooch anything chocolate. We found a few tasty (not chocolate!) dog sweets online Fido will love that are Valentine's-themed, such as this pup-pie from (It's really for a Birthday, but it's not like your dog can read the words on the pink box), and these pink dog biscuits from Pet Supermarket.

Give them a special toy. Leave it to (and this site, of course!) to have some adorable gifts just for your beloved furry friends! These plush dog biscuits and hearts in various pink and red patterns and shapes are a great throw-around toy made of canvas for your beloved to just walk around with in their mouth. 


Get pink or red ID tags. Even if your dog is microchipped for safety and security reasons, they still need a collar in case they run away. Gift your special buddy with a heart-shaped doggie collar with a matching ID tag; both available on It's always better to be safe than sorry, and these items are nicely priced and high-quality.

Take a couples pic with your pet--and another. If you ever joke with another pet owner that your dogs are a 'couple', there's just no time like the present to take a picture of your pets dressed up in wedding attire. It's obviously for kicks and for photos you'll always whip out when you need a laugh, but a pretend "date" with two furry friends is the epitome of Doggie Valentine's Day. Bonus if YOU--yes, you--are crushing on the human who owns the dog your pet is crushing on...then you really have an excuse to all meet up.

Some other awesome things you can do include:

- buy them a new heart-themed doggie bowl for food and water

- playing Elvis's famous "Hound Dog" song at home and dance around with your pup

- bringing your pup to a doggie day spa for a day of pampering

- taking your dog for a walk on the beach or at a park they've never been to before for some variety

- making a monetary or toy donation in their honor to an animal rescue charity or local shelter. Spreading the love really is the best day to celebrate Valentine's Day. Have fun!

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