Famous Golden Retrievers

Famous Golden Retrievers

"One of the world’s most cherished (and beloved) dogs, the fun-loving and sweet Golden Retriever is a popular pet choice for families, especially families with kids in the home."

One of the world’s most cherished (and beloved) dogs, the fun-loving and sweet Golden Retriever is a popular pet choice for families, especially families with kids in the home.

So, it’s not surprising that in Hollywood there have been some famous Goldens in movies, TV shows, and literature. Celebrities love Goldens, too! They really do embody “man’s best friend.” Here’s a round-up of some well-known Goldens that made their furry mark in Tinseltown…and in our hearts!



Buddy (Air Bud)
I’m a little biased with this choice because as a teenager I thought this movie was super sweet! When Josh, the new kid in town, befriends “Buddy” a Golden Retriever who escaped from his mean owner, the two make an amazing, and adorable, basketball-loving duo.

Shadow (Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey)
The classic children’s book The Incredible Journey, was authored by the late Sheila Burnford, an avid pet-lover. It’s about two dogs (The Golden’s name is Shadow) and a cat in search of their owners through the wilderness. Disney spun it into a tear-jerking movie (Shadow was voiced by Oscar-winning actor Don Ameche) which was a box-office hit in 1993.

Dug (Up)

Leave it to Pixar to create an animated Golden Retriever that warms your heart. A fun-loving dog who speaks English, he’s the companion to Carl, an elderly man mourning the loss of his late wife. Dug was such a popular character he was given his own movie: Dug’s Special Mission.

Brandon (Punky Brewster)
In the 80s, a popular children’s show was Punky Brewster, about a girl abandoned by her family—she was eventually adopted--and her well-intentioned but grumpy foster dad, Henry, who doesn’t love dogs. Punky’s bestie is Brandon, a Golden retriever who accompanies Punky everywhere and gets dragged into her shenanigans with Henry and around Chicago.

Comet (Full House)
The Tanner family absolutely adored their mischievous but oh-so-cute pet Golden, Comet. He was featured in many episodes throughout the series, and most likely inspired oldest daughter DJ to pursue a career as a veterinarian in the Full House sequel series, Fuller House.


Celebs and goldens

Also in Hollywood…the late Golden Girl Betty White, legendary talk show host Oprah Winfrey, Maroon 5 crooner Adam Levine, action hero Jackie Chan, country singer Miranda Lambert, and Oscar-winning gem Diane Keaton have owned or currently own Golden Retrievers! They’re a breed of choice for celebs as well as us non-famous folks.

Presidential pooches

American President Gerald Ford enjoyed walking his Golden retriever, Liberty, by himself on the White House lawn. Liberty would also relax next to his master during meetings in the Oval Office. Ford and Liberty were so connected in South Dakota there’s a bronze statue of the late President which also depicts Liberty.

President Ronald Reagan also owned a Golden--named "Victory,"-- but Victory didn’t reside in the White House. Victory lived at Reagan’s ranch in California while his master worked in Washington, DC.

So, if you’re considering a pet dog, opt for a Hollywood staple—the classic Golden Retriever. If they’re good enough to star in movies and sitcoms--and cruise around the White House--they’re (more than!) good enough for you to make part of the family.


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