Trendy Pet Clothes for Frenchies

Trendy Pet Clothes for Frenchies

"Frenchies look insanely adorable when dressed up. Whether you like to dress your French Bulldog up for real, for fun, or both, here are some dog clothing looks and companies to check out."

According to the American Kennel Club, French Bulldogs are the third most popular breed in the U.S. In fact, a Frenchie named Winston won Best in Show this year at the National Dog ShowFrenchie owners are drawn to their muscular little bodies, especially their legs, pushed-in nose, and laid-back demeanor. They're known for being a great pet for apartment life or house life, and are quite charming -- thus, it makes sense why they're an in-demand breed.

They also look insanely adorable when dressed up. There's a trend lately on social media to dress up your small or medium dog and post them online in a funny sketch; such as "Tika the Iggy" whose pup style went viral.  Seeing dogs all dressed up brings a smile to the faces of many during a time when we hoomans can use all the puppy laughs we can get.

Whether you like to dress your French Bulldog up for real, for fun, or both, here are some dog clothing looks and companies to check out.


American rapper, singer, and songwriter Snoop Dogg can now add "pet accessories mogul" to his resume--he recently launched a line of dog clothing. Check out the label Snoop Doggie Doggs here. Snoop's collection includes the following: t-shirts, hoodies, pajamas and sports jerseys in a variety of designs, patterns, and colors. In fact, a Frenchie is shown modeling some of the doggie clothes in the ads, so you'll definitely find something cool and comfy for Fido. The company also sells pet chew toys--such as a boom box radio with Snoop's face on it!--and gold and silver pet bowls, because your French Bulldog even needs to eat and drink in style. (See photo above for a look from this collection)

Pet Krewe sells a variety of pet attire and accessories. Their one-of-a-kind Sesame Street collection carries costumes based on the classic characters, which your French Bulldog will look precious in. Available Sesame Street costumes include Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, Ernie, Bert, Count von Count, and, of course, Elmo. The site also sells doggie chew toys, cat costumes (such as a Hula dancer!), bandanas, and more.

Spark Paws is another pet clothing company to check out; the clothes have an urban vibe with lots of sweats and "workout" gear; their clothes for pets appear quite comfy. (And yes, just because we humans like to "Netflix and Chill" in T's and sweats doesn't mean our pets can't be comfortable as well.) Styles in the collection include velvet hoodies, thick, water-resistant vests, sherpa jackets, striped pastel pajamas, and more. Some of the hoodies come with a coordinating look for YOU as well, so be sure to check the line out and be Fido's twin for a day. 



Socialite, hotel heiress, DJ, and lifelong dog-lover Paris Hilton has teamed up with luxury accessories brand Moshiqa to create a line of doggie outfits and gear--all in shades of pink, but of course! Paris's new pet line includes the following: BOSS BABE bathrobes and hoodies, pink bandanas, bow-tied harnesses, crowns, and even a pouffy pink gown. Move over Elle Woods and Bruiser Woods--there's a new stylish duo in town--you and your French Bulldog. Did we mention the collection also includes pink human attire to match? (See photo above for a pet look from this collection.)

No matter how you style your Frenchie, hopefully they'll love running around in cool attire, and embrace being "Top Dog!"



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