The Best Toys for Frenchies

The Best Toys for Frenchies

"If you've got an adorable Frenchie, you'll know they're total mushballs who love to play. So, why not get your fave wrinkly-faced pooch some new toys they'll love?"


If you've got an adorable Frenchie, you'll know they're total mushballs who love to play. So, why not get your fave wrinkly-faced pooch some new toys they'll love?

We're here to help. We've consulted with pet experts--below is our list of best toys for Frenchies (and other small dogs).

Just of note: There are some dog toys you should avoid, "such as ones that are harder than their teeth," explains Dwight Alleyne, DVM and Veterinarian Expert at JustAnswer. "These toys increase the risk of these dogs breaking their teeth when chewing on them."


Some examples could include cow hooves, deer antlers, and toys made of very hard plastic. "Stuffed animals where the stuffing is easy to get to can be dangerous also because of a risk for a foreign body. Any toys that have small parts that can be ingested such as bells or squeakers should be avoided as well."

With that in mind, here's Pet-orama's list of the safest and best toys for Frenchies:

Hide-a-Squirrel Plush: I kept seeing this on "fave toys" lists, and after seeing my neighbor's Frenchie get all jazzed to play with it, I see what all the fuss is about! This is technically a soft puzzle that provides mental stimulation for your pooch. It's a plushy "tree trunk" shaped like a basket with 3 plush squirrels inside. The plushes were very durables, I must say, and they squeak. They're not flimpy and easy to tear into. The object? Your Frenchie has to pull the squirrels out of the basket's holes, so it's a game. Your dog can either play with the trunk alone, or you can toss the plush squirrels for a game of fetch once your Frenchie's pull the squirrels from the holes. Available on from the company Outward Hound.

The Odin Toy: Ok, in a world full of colorful and squishy dog toys, this one may not be the prettiest out there, but it's a hidden gem. It's NOT a chew toy; it's for your Frenchie to roll around with his cute nose. There’s a doggie treat inside the cube (you put that in yourself) that falls out once your Frenchie finds the flap that dispenses the treat/kibble inside. Made of special rubber, it won't scratch up hardwood floors. As the company website explains: "Show them how it works by rolling it around and having treats fall out in front of them. As they get better at it, upgrade to larger treats to increase difficulty." Available from Updog Toys in various colors including Lavender Purple and Rose Quartz.


Rowdies Durable Plush: This isn't your typical ragamuffin dog toy your Frenchie can easily tear into shreds and forget about. West Paw Rowdies Durable Plush Dog Toys are designed for a little bit of tug-of-war, a little gnawing and fetching...and are great for resting their heads on, too. This chew toy's super soft because it's reinforced with a special mesh, so it's sturdy but gentle on Frenchie's smaller teeth. Available in various colors and shapes, it squeaks and is machine washable. Some reviewers say the fuzzy fabric falls off occassionally, while others say it doesn't fall off at all--it depends on the playful aggression of your pup.

For more of the best toys for Frenchies, check out PupBox, a new customizable subscripton box JUST for dogs full of toys, treats, and more goodies for your never-too-spoiled best friend!





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