Best Toys for Corgi's

Best Toys for Corgi's

"Like most pups, Corgi’s love to play and frolic, and need little toys to keep them entertained and help them "chill out" when they're not being walked."

Corgi's are really special pooches. Affectionately known as "dwarf dogs," they have a unique look about them that pet parents just gush over. An average adult Corgi weighs 27 - 30 lbs, has erect ears, strong, athletic bodies that are more elongated than other herding breeds, and little legs that are surprisingly solid and fast.

Loyal, friendly, and easy to train, you can find Corgi's in a variety of colors, including red, sable, fawn,  black, tan, and more. And, of course, their fur is super soft and fluffy.

According to the American Kennel Club, they're the 11th most popular dog breed, so they continue to be in-demand by families. In fact, Corgi's were the favorite breed of the late Queen Elizabeth II, who owned more than 30 of them over the decades. These dogs really are little gems!


Like most pups, Corgi’s love to play and frolic, and need little toys to keep them entertained and help them "chill out" when they're not being walked.

Here are five expert-recommended items your charming Corgi will enjoy  playing with on the reg. 

Chuckit Ball: If your Corgi is into fetch, they’ll love this best-selling toy which currently retails for just less than ten bucks! Customers love that this ball bounces quite high when smacked against the ground; it’s also lightweight and is compatible with the matching Chuckit ball launcher—sold separately. (Although you don’t need it; you can just toss the balls normally to your cute Corgi.) The rubber around and inside the ball the thick and sturdy, so it can withhold aggressive chewing.

Squeakables: Have you ever heard of Lunchables mini snack box for kids and adult alike? The Corgi version (ha) is actually a fun chew toy. This Squeakable, sold by Bark for just under $15, is part toy, part snack holder, and provides oodles of entertainment for your happy lil’ Corgi. When pressed on or gnawed on, the item squeaks and makes crinkle noises; it’s the ultimate squishy toy. In fact, the squeaks come from the pretend toy snacks inside the Squeakables “box.” However, you CAN actually insert real doggie treats inside the crinkly box, which is a nice added bonus. Have your dog sniff out the kibble in the toy with their cute button nose.

KONG Duck Toy: Petco’s website sells this duck toy which is a nice gift for the Corgi in your life who needs a stuffed animal buddy. Not only can your doggie rest their furry head on this plushie, but they can rough play (safely, of course) with it in their mouth when they’re in the mood to walk around with a toy in their jaws. It’s available in both small and extra small, and made of high-quality stuffed animal-like material. There is NO stuffing inside the toy, so if it does tear, no cotton or fuzz will fall out that will harm your dog. Note the little squeaker inside the item can easily be removed, so no need to keep it in. Pet owners rave about this simple, fewer than $5 toy! Get one for Fido today!


Nylabone Chew Ring: Available in small and large—it’s probably best to invest in the small size for your Corgi—this chew toy may not be cute and colorful, but it packs a lot of punch. Sold for just under $8 on, this textures circle tastes like chicken and made from a very durable nylon that can withstand even the toughest Corgi chewer. It claims to promote healthy teeth and gums when your doggie chews on it, thanks to the unique textured design, and fans say it’s also easy for their Corgi to grasp (hold) when laying down. It’s veterinarian-recommended and can be rolled across the floor for your Corgi to chase and catch as well.

Nylabone Teething Pacifier: Also from Nylabone is this teething pacifier. We gush over babies with pacifiers, so why not gush over Corgi’s with a sucker as well? Brightly colored, the brand claims it teaches your pooch healthy chewing habits from a young age, which really is important. Sometimes we, as pet-owners, forget how important dental care is for our pups. There are two solid chews on a ring available for chomping; both chews have raised nubs that feel soft and gentle inside your Corgi’s mouth and gives them the oral/chewing satisfaction and stimulation they need, especially at a young age. Sold for under $10 on Of note: Not recommended for adult dogs or puppies with any permanent teeth.

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