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Nayo The Corgi

SINCE 2017

Personal story of the founder Angel and her journey in starting this shop!

"In 2016, I decided to move to US to pursue further study. However, I could not leave my 5 months corgi baby behind so I brought him with me on the 12 hours long flight and start a new journey on a new land.

In the first few months living in the new country, it was hard for me to meet new friends and it was even harder for my corgi to meet new friends as well. Both my and my corgi (Nayo) felt lonely. One day, while I was bringing Nayo for a walk, we met another corgi mom with her corgi and we got to know there are many corgi communities out there welcoming all corgi owners. Slowly, I started to bring my Nayo for "corgi parties" "corgi gatherings" and "corgi beach parties".

Along the way, I realized that many corgi moms are having trouble finding special and unique corgi-centric accessories for themselves. Traditional pet shop only carry things made for pet to use but not human who love them deeply. As a corgi-mom, all I want to do is to show-off to other people that I have the best and the most unique corgi in the world and how much I love him. Other than sharing photos on social media, I also want my life to be filled with corgi because he is my family member. In addition, I was really grateful for being welcomed to the loving community and I just want to give back and bring more benefits to the community.

Hence, I started a shop selling corgi-centric accessories mainly for corgi-lovers. I spend hours searching for great items sold by talented people that are not available in any platform in the US right now and collaborate with them. My aim is to make as many new items available for corgi-lovers possible and become the one-stop shop for corgi-lovers. "

About Me

NAYOTHECORGI.COM is currently the most comprehensive platform selling Corgi-centric products for corgi-lovers in the United States. It has everything you can imagine to have in life with an element of corgi. Instead of browsing multiple different small online shops for corgi-related products, NAYOTHECORGI is THE only place you need to visit and find everything you can out there!